Agreements are limiting and I didn’t have any agreements at that time.

Upon returning to Barranquilla she taught painting at the School of Fine Arts as well as at various private high schools.

She was a member of the “Grupo 44” with Álvaro Herazo, Eduardo Hernandez, Victor Sanchez, Fernando Cepeda, Jairo Quintero and Christiane Lesueur. For both friendship and economy, they met daily for lunch in Delfina’s apartment. Although several art movements were growing in Barranquilla, they still could not make a living doing art, and most members worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. They published illustrations and articles in the Cultural section of the Diario del Caribe newspaper. They also published more than a dozen interviews with nationally and internationally renowned artists between 1976 and 1978.

Roland Barthes wrote a fascinating article about ‘ornamental cookery,’ and I decided to make work based upon commercial images of food.

She created work based upon this theme in new methods including wallpaper and recently available color photocopies.

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